Team Svastii


Smita Soni Agnihotri
Founder & CEO

Smita Soni Agnihotri Academically an Human Resourse Post-graduate from XLRI Jamshedpur and founder of Svastii wellness group is a practicing Reiki Grand Master she intents to make a difference in people’s lives by inspiring them to become the best version of themselves that they desire to be, she wants to help you to feel better about and within yourself on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level so that you can realize your own hidden gifts and graces.


Meera Soni
Co Founder

Meera Soni is the co founder of Svastii wellness group a retd. Govt officer and currently a practicing advance reiki healer,she has discovered her hidden healing powers with the help of reiki in combination with other energy healing modalities after getting profound benefits of energy therapies in her own and her family’s life she decided to share this beautiful energy with the world, and helped her daughter to follow her life purpose by co founding Svasti.


Abhinav Soni
Creative & Technical Director

Abhinav Soni is the creative & technical Director A Reiki Grand master & Psychic expert one of the core member of Svastii Foundation.

How it all Began

What made me shift from corporate life to mystical life?

 Although academically qualified as an HR, i decided to create my own path and follow my interest in the powers of energy healing and create a platform which would be beneficial to mankind.

My journey into energy healing was very subtle and gradual and is probably similar to a lot of others After having a fulfilling career and life i always felt that something is missing and found my soul to be neglected while taking care of the all the materialistic needs. i couldn’t understand what exactly my soul is demanding, My job was supporting Me financially but not allowing me to nurture my soul spiritually and gradually i realized that this is not the life i have planned for myself and one day i decided quit my job to move forward in quest to discover my life purpose. In my journey to discover the life purpose i took up many spiritual courses,read multiple spiritual & self help books and tried to nurture my soul however i realized that all that is not helping me finding my life purpose i have been looking for and something is holding back my soul from blossoming but the question remained same what are the factors holding me back? Why am i not able to find the missing link?what is that one missing link? How this would help my soul to ascend and blossom?

My quest to answers lead me to enroll for Reiki healing course and finally I found the answers to all my questions.`Regular Reiki healing practices helped me establishing a connection with my inner self and nurtured my soul I was enjoying my own company and I felt some inner shift happening for the first time. Now I could find all the answers to my questions I have been looking for, the missing link was my connection to my inner self that I was not able to establish due to certain energy blockages at different levels of consciousness. with regular Reiki practice I was able to remove the energy blockages holding me back from connecting with the missing my understanding about energy medicine grew I started discovering more about the energy healing to soak up as much knowledge as i could and the more i learn, the deeper my self-development and understanding wont be wrong to say that I have witnessed a complete shift in the lives of people who choose to discover the gifts of reiki.after discovering the endless benefits of energy therapy i started offering reiki and crystal treatments to my family and friends and they have always had such a loving, relaxing and positive effects and regularly experience the benefits of reiki, and crystal healing  Reiki,and crystals have given me a new outlook on life and i use them on a daily basis in all sorts of ways; for such simple and natural healing modalities the effects are subtle but profound.many people have seen a dramatic shift in their consciousness, career, finance, relationship, health and many other aspects of life

I’m grateful that I was so fascinated in the possibilities of Reiki that I learned it and now practice daily. Through the years, I have witnessed amazing results in myself, family, friends and clients. Sharing the light of Reiki to others is such a joy because I know others will also discover the gift of Reiki in their own lives.

I am passionate about learning and I have invested many years on personal development ,my fascination with the mind, body & spirit healing modalities has led me to explore energy healing. I qualified as a Reiki Master healer and an Advance Crystal healer to help my clients balance their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing and live their life in alignment with who they truly are. Through my exploration of reiki and crystals healing for my own journey, I now feels like my soul has called me to share my offerings with others so i can live my life with purpose and as my authentic self, i believes that many people are now turning to alternative therapies to help them to cope with life in the modern world and i feels truly blessed and happy to be able to demonstrate the beautiful and powerful energies of reiki and crystals to support people to heal, grow and transform themselves.

With the help of knowledge and experience I am able to personalize each treatment using a combination of techniques to suit the individual needs of each clients and I am continually expanding my knowledge and understanding about holistic healing modalities by studying and understanding the application of spiritual principles for personal-healing, personal-development and personal-transformation.

I am here to be your guide and help you as you start your journey of turning inwards and discover the power of your innate potentials to regain your divine nature.I truly believe that anything is possible and we become what we think about, we have the power to change our lives and I wish to help you clear out fear and limitation and create a mindset that empowers you to live the life of your dreams.