What we treat

All of us are a multidimensional energetic being more than just physical body and exists in ten different dimensions we follow an holistic approach of treatment by aligning the three important dimensions of the existence the Mind,the Body & the Soul in the quest to find the root cause of illness and to heal through natural and non-invasive methods hence by treating the root causes of sufferings & disease rather than treating the symptoms we help you achieving the seven dimension of the wellness

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Environmental
  • Occupational


How we treat

Have you ever wondered why one minute you’re happy and the next minute you’re sad and one minute you feel invincible and the next minute you say “I can’t?”

What’s going on? How do our emotions go up and down in a nano second? Can you predict your next thought or feeling without controlling it? Nope, it comes from our subconscious and it depends on our environment and what it’s bringing up in us.

We hear a song, we smell a smell or we see something that activates a feeling from long ago and we start to re-live that part of our earthly show. If it’s a good memory, we feel good, if it’s a “bad” memory, we feel bad.

We have many impressions going on inside and these impressions are what’s guiding our life. Most of them we didn’t consciously choose, they’ve been given to us by our family, our experiences or societies rules.

Our feelings and thoughts manifest in our personality, it’s how we learn and grow on this life journey. Denying our personality is denying our soul’s learning and growth. How do we know the energy we’re carrying if we’re denying our personality?

Yes, this life is an illusion and we make our own conclusions, but where are these conclusions coming from? And why would we be put in physical form to not embrace it?

Layer by layer we ascend and we ascend by allowing ourselves to heal and mend. Not just from this lifetime, but from many other lifetimes too. What’s happening in our lives or has happened in our life is helping us to heal and shift the energy inside. Coming into alignment is not what most people think, it’s not just about getting a good feeling, that’s temporary. It’s about bringing together our sub-personalities so they can be on the same team.

It’s about going into our shadows and bringing to the light the parts of us we’ve disowned and ignored, in our shadows there’s gold. This is where our natural talents and abilities are and it’s also where we carry our wounds and scars.

In order for us to feel whole in heart, mind, body and soul, we need to integrate all aspects, especially the ones we tried to neglect, it’s important to embrace everything about our Being, this is what we do in healing. Healing is a great adventure, it’s not as it seems, it brings out the GREATNESS in you and us.

In order to you heal you from inside out we use combination of energy healing therapies at the same time we focus on healing your mind,nutrition,and your overall lifestyle to help you achieve holistic wellness in all aspects of your life.